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If you have medical insurance that covers a portion of your acupuncture, you have 2 options:

  1. Traditional Acupuncture Treatment

    Includes: Acupuncture with Aroma Point Therapy, Reiki, Massage, Amethyst Crystal Bio Mat Infra Red Therapy & Diet & Lifestyle Counseling. If you chose this option, you will agree to pay the difference of what your insurance does not cover.

  2. Insurance Version of the Traditional Acupuncture Treatment

    Includes: Acupuncture ONLY with none of the extras. If you chose this option, we can follow the insurance contracted agreed amount.

Please submit insurance information so that we may verify your benefits.

Insurance Verification Form:

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Please note that what the insurance states it will pay and what they actually pay can sometimes be different. I am happy to do the insurance billing for you but need your cooperation so that your bill is paid in full and I am not left with the outstanding balance after rendering your service. 

A Letter from Ahnna……New Policy Effective January 1, 2019

Dear Insurance Clients,

 A new year ….a new perspective…What I’ve come to realize is that the services I offer go above and beyond what the insurance will pay for… That is why I have come to this decision… if you would like to continue with the treatment you’ve been receiving which includes acupuncture, aroma point therapy, Reiki, massage, amethyst crystal biomat infra red therapy, diet & lifestyle counseling you can continue to receive this level of treatment but must agreed to pay in full whatever the insurance does not cover… I can still bill your insurance but I will need an agreement that you will agree to pay whatever they do not cover if you would like to keep receiving this level of treatment. If you would like to continue having me bill your insurance but NOT pay the difference in full, then you will be receiving my “insurance version” treatment which does not include the bell and whistles. This also goes for the affinity discount program as well…which states I must give 25% off my treatment. I have come to this decision after 17 years of practice and being contracted in a network that does not pay for the extras that I have been providing all along. Some of these insurances cap me at $40 or $75 which is not fair given the care I am providing. Most of you have been happily paying the “remaining balance” because you realize the level of care you are receiving is beyond what insurance will pay and I am ever so grateful for this! I will still offer acupuncture under my contract with American Specialty Health Network but I am now offering this with no bells and whistles…no biomat, no massage or oils or lifestyle counseling …just acupuncture…. I am still in the network to bill insurance you just now have the option to pay the difference in full to continue to be treated the way you have been OR not pay the difference and receive the insurance version which is a modified version of what I normally do. I appreciate all of your support and devotion over the last 17 years and I hope you can understand my decision to delineate the difference in what I am providing and how I am compensated. Rather than quit insurance all together which is tempting sometimes, I have decided to try this as a way of preserving my energy for what I know I am worth. To further explain, when you look on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and it says “allowed amount”….. that is the contracted amount they deem I am worth for JUST ACUPUNCTURE….if you would like all the bells and whistles, you will agree to pay in full the remaining balance. If you just want acupuncture and no bells and whistles… then we can follow the stipulations the insurance dictates. Please let me know which type of treatment you desire (bells and whistles or no bells and whistles) so we can start the year off with a clear understanding.

Looking forward to serving all of you in the new year with this new policy in place. 


Ahnna Goossen, L.Ac.